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Mountain Lion support coming soon. Thank you for your patience...

Update 2012-09-06:
Mt. Lion compatible version 0.0.6 ready for release, as soon as I get
my Apple Developer ID required for Gatekeeper...

Update 2012-10-14:
Certain problems were found during testing that had to be worked out before release.

No solid date on when the remaining problems will be resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience...


Download Now
(SlideMode version 0.0.5 beta)

(Requires: Mac OS X 10.6.6 Snow Leopard or later. Including OS X Lion.)


Freeware app, for tweaking user interaction features of OS X. Use Slide for switching OS X Desktops with your mouse, SlideSelection for moving your text cursor with a trackpad, and DockShow for Hiding and Showing your Dock faster than the standard Autohide.


- "Slide" for quickly and easily sliding between your OS X desktops.
- "SlideSelection" for easily moving the text cursor with your trackpad.
- "DockShow" for autohiding the Dock much faster then the OS X standard autohide.


SlideMode is freeware, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. If you like SlideMode, +1 me, or review me on MacUpdate. If you find a bug or other problem in SlideMode, or have a feature request, use my contact form and tell me about it.

System Requirements

SlideMode is compatible with any intel computer, running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, or later. (Including OS X 10.7 Lion)

SlideMode is currently beta, however it has beed tested, and found to be stable on OS X Lion and Snow Leopard.

Features Coming Soon

- (Coming soon) Add sound feedback for your mouse and keyboard.
- (Coming soon) Auto on/off in specific apps, for all functions.
- (Coming soon) Custom functions for mouse gestures.


Please submit any bugs you may find using my online contact form.


Mar 25, 2012    


You, sir, are the man! Thank you so much for writing this software!

May 15, 2012    


With all due respect, but I'm at all not comfortable with the "SM" shortcut, especially up above my menu bar. the software itself is awesome though, thanks!

May 15, 2012    

Teak Topham


You can turn the "SM" menu off by unchecking the "Display "SM" menu icon" in the bottom left of the preferences window.

May 15, 2012    


can you give us a little bit more about what this application actually does? i installed it but i have no idea??!

May 16, 2012    

Teak Topham


Documentation and possibly a video are in the works, however you have to remember this is a very new app, and is still in beta.

In the mean time there are small explanations for each function if you click the "?" next to one of them. (In the preferences window).

See the FAQ for info about opening the preferences window.

Dec 04, 2013    


I downloaded but its stays it can't open because it doesn't allow me to download apps that are not from apple..

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